Dental Implants Cost Sydney

Dental Implants Cost Sydney

 Our Competitive Dental Implant Package

We take pride in offering a competitive rate for our Basic Dental Implant, including restoration, starting from just $5,199 dental implant cost.

Our approach to keeping the cost of dental implants down involves efficient and precise procedures, along with cutting-edge dental equipment.

We utilise state-of-the-art tools, such as a low radiation Cone Beam CT scan, CADCAM-generated ceramic crown, and a precision-milled dental implant system sourced from the USA.

Our focus on efficiency and precision sets us apart.

dental implant cost Sydney

By meticulously performing the procedure and leveraging advanced technology, we ensure optimal results while maintaining affordability. Our team’s expertise and dedication enable us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our patients.

Unlike some practices, our quoted price typically covers a substantial portion of the procedure. This includes the Cone Beam CT scan, implant surgery, and implant crown.

However, it’s important to note that additional treatments, such as gum surgery and bone augmentation/grafting, are not included in the quote. These aspects can be discussed during your consultation and review.

We believe in providing value beyond the procedure. For patients who have attended regular six-month gap-free check-ups and cleanings at any of our surgery locations, a 5-year warranty is applicable. This commitment reflects our dedication to your ongoing oral health.


Procedures Excluded in Tooth Implant Cost

Our Basic Dental Implant package does not cover bone augmentation/grafting treatment or soft tissue surgery, which might be necessary for functional or aesthetic improvements.

  • If simple bone grafting is required at the time of surgery, an additional fee of $300 will apply.
  • In cases requiring specialised care, we’ll provide a referral to one of our trusted specialists or one of your choices.


We offer flexibility in our approach. Our standard package includes a Cerec chairside crown that fits the implant abutment. If you prefer an implant crown crafted by a dental lab, our resident dentist will inform you of any associated lab fees, which would be in addition to the package price.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation appointment. Let us guide you through the process and explain the dental implants cost Sydney. Explore how our transparent pricing can make teeth implants accessible without compromise.

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