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Dental Implants

Through gum or bone recession, trauma to the teeth or periodontic disease, implants can be a highly effective method to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile.

Dental implants are the gold standard of restorative dentistry and mimic the natural formation of a tooth and its root structure. One of the main benefits of dental implants is unrivalled longevity. If maintained and cared for, it should typically last a lifetime.

At Cosmetique, we only use the specific implants imported from Germany and plan for each patient’s case meticulously, bringing our implant success rate to 97%. For every one of our patients, we also work with our master ceramists to ensure your tooth is functionally and aesthetically perfect.

After an initial smile discovery session, your dentist will take a CBCT scan to ensure your implant is perfectly placed, minimising healing time and maximising the success rates of your implant(s).

We would love to be a part of this collaborative process with you and design the smile you have always envisioned.

Dental Implant

The Implant Process at Cosmetique

Once your dentist has planned your treatment and taken a comprehensive 3D scan, they will review your case in detail. This process allows them to select the exact placement, position and implant type. This step is crucial as it maximises the acceptance and healing of your implant while minimising post-surgical pain or complications.

After the planning process, your implant is to placed. The appointment is typically only 60 minutes, completed under the comfort of local anaesthetic. Consistent reviews are vital to maximising the success of your implant. Your dentist will monitor the healing of your implant and complete a test to ensure its cohesion.

The typical healing time for dental implants is around 10-12 weeks. Once the site has healed, we will work with our master ceramists to design a crown that is perfect both functionally and aesthetically.

Artisanal crowns created with purpose

Our master ceramists have expertise in crafting beautiful and functional hand-crafted porcelain restorations. With more than 15 years of experience, they will design a crown that perfectly matches the function and aesthetic of your smile.

Your dentist will also work with your ceramist to ensure that the crown is perfect before being inserted. At your final appointment, your dentist will check the implant integration, the dental abutment (or connector) and how the porcelain crown has been placed with respect to your current smile.

At Cosmetique, we strive for a perfect outcome for our patients every time. Our meticulous planning, consistent reviews and dental expertise allow the highest implant success rates and results.

Alternative options for missing teeth

There are multiple options our patients can consider when it comes to restoring missing teeth. A porcelain bridge may be a suitable alternative to dental implants and is highly effective at restoring the function of a single or multiple missing teeth.

During your initial consultation, your dentist will run you through the treatment options that will be best suited to you.

We have 9 locations in both Sydney and Canberra and will be able to find a consultation time that suits you best. Please feel free to get in touch with the team by giving us a call or filling out an enquiry form.

Costs of Dental Implants

We offer payment plans starting from as little as $40 per week. The costs of implants vary depending on the specific implant used, the level of bone present and how many implants are to be placed. We always recommend coming into the practice for an initial consultation so we can design a plan together that is best suited for you.

Our Patient Before and Afters

We have completed more than 2000 smile transformations with this number growing daily.

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