Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can cause not just pain but fear and anxiety as well. At Cosmetique, our team is here to help with any acute or chronic pain you are experiencing.

An emergency appointment may involve a simple assessment and prescription or could focus on treatment ranging from a filling, extraction or root canal. Dental pain and emergencies will appear without warning and can place your quality of life on hold.

If you are experiencing any dental pain or discomfort, we always recommend contacting us immediately so we can help to diagnose and treat the issue. Through fear, anxiety or a busy schedule, it may have been many years since your last dental visit. Which is normal and nothing to be embarrassed over. Our compassionate and friendly team can help you with any dental issues, pain or emergency you are experiencing.

If you are currently experiencing pain or would like to improve the health of your teeth, we would love to help. Our friendly team will be able to assist with any questions that you have.

We would love to be a part of this collaborative process with you and design the smile you have always envisioned.

Dental Emergency

Dental pain and symptoms

Although dental pain can be hard to describe, common symptoms can be a dull ache or pain, severe tingling or electric pain. You may also notice that the area in question could be swollen or visibly red.

A persistent jaw or ear pain can also be associated with dental symptoms, such as erupting molar tooth or wisdom tooth.

If you are unsure of what has caused your pain, please give us a call and our team will be able to diagnose, assess and treat any acute or chronic dental issue.

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