Dental Crown Procedure

Dental Crown Procedure

What is a tooth crown?

A dental crown is a fixed cap that is placed over a damaged tooth. This aims to restore the tooth’s size, shape, and strength.

A tooth crown can hold a dental bridge in place, cover a weak tooth for protection, cover stained tooth, cover root-canal treated tooth, and cover dental implant. There are a wide variety of materials used to make a tooth crown Sydney.

This includes resin, porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, or a combination of materials. A tooth crown fully encloses the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies above the gum line. This enhances tooth appearance, shape, and position.

Dental Crown Procedure

  1. Assessment and Examination:
    • Dentist Sydney will examine your teeth to determine if dental crowns are necessary. This will include discussion of the material to be used depending on your preference and case.

  1. Tooth Preparation
    • Your natural tooth will be trimmed down and reduced in size to make space for a teeth crown. During this step, the dentist will make sure that your natural tooth can withstand biting forces when a tooth crown is placed. There may be necessary buildup of your natural tooth to create a strong foundation for your new crown.

  1. Dental Impressions
    • The dentist will take impressions of the tooth and surrounding teeth to create a custom crown that fits perfectly.

  1. Temporary Crown
    • While the permanent crown is being made, the dentist will place a temporary crown on your natural tooth to protect it before the final placement.

  1. Trial Fitting of Dental Crown
    • This procedure will determine if the final crown fits perfectly on your natural tooth, to confirm its shade, and to check if there are premature contacts that will interfere with your normal bite. Once both the dentist and the patient approve the fit of the crown tooth, the dentist will send it back to the laboratory for finishing touches and glazing.

  1. Final Placement
    • During this procedure, the temporary crown is removed, and your new dental crown will be bonded to your natural tooth using a strong cement material.

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