Dental Checkup and Clean

Dental Checkup and Clean

Dental checkup and clean play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy smile. To achieve optimal oral hygiene, one must regularly visit the dentist and continue proper toothbrushing techniques at home.

Dental cleaning, also known as dental prophylaxis, is a procedure done by a hygienist or dentist to remove tartar, stain, and plaque from the teeth.

Teeth cleaning is a very essential act of maintaining mouth hygiene to prevent possible dental and gum problems.

During professional teeth cleaning, the dentist or hygienist will scale and clean your teeth.

dental checkup and clean in Sydney

Although this is the main highlight of your treatment, another goal of your visit is to detect early symptoms of dental caries, gum problems, or dental anomalies in your mouth.

Plaque that builds up on your teeth is made up of bacteria and food particles that you eat. If it is not removed, it can harden into calcular deposits or tartar, which is a yellowish to brownish substance that cannot be removed just by brushing or flossing alone.

Once teeth cleaning is done, the dentist Sydney or hygienist will polish your teeth using toothpaste and a high-powered electric brush. This will help remove surface stain and will leave the tooth smooth and shiny. 

Flossing will also be done to remove debris in between your teeth and ensure that all surfaces are free of deposits or plaque. Oral prophylaxis is usually painless and is recommended to be done at least twice a year.

Dental checkup and clean in Sydney play a vital role in one’s well-being.

If your mouth is assessed and diagnosed free of dental problems, it can give you a long-lasting relief and peace of mind. Knowing that your teeth and gums are healthy allows you to maintain confidence in your oral health.

Teeth cleaning Sydney aims to prevent dental issues from arising, saving you from potential pain, discomfort, and expensive dental treatments down the line. 

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