Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are almost the same as conventional braces – only it’s attached to the backs of your teeth. And since they’re attached behind, they are almost invisible.

Braces straighten and align the teeth, correct malposed or crowded teeth, as well as correct bite problems. Lingual braces Sydney has the same components as conventional braces: brackets, wires, and elastic bands.

This type of brace is a great option for teenagers or adults who want to straighten their teeth without being self-conscious about wearing one.

lingual braces Sydney

Lingual braces Sydney is often fabricated by the laboratory. The first procedure would be taking of teeth impressions to create custom-made brackets and wires that will be placed on the backs of your teeth.

Once fabricated, the Sydney dentist will bond these to your teeth using a special adhesive. Lingual braces apply continuous gentle pressure to move teeth into their correct position.

Lingual braces cost is more expensive than traditional braces, especially the custom-made ones. There are several advantages of lingual braces:

  • Maintain a professional look without the show of braces.
  • Safer to wear when you engage in contact sports.
  • Comfortable to wear, especially when they are custom-made for you.
  • They are less likely to interfere with speech as they are placed on the back portion of your teeth.


However, lingual braces are not for everyone. They are more costly and may provide discomfort to the tongue. This is also done by a specialised orthodontist since not all are used to this technique.

Lingual braces are also not suitable for people with small teeth, or those with small spaces in between the gums and teeth since the brackets and wires can cause irritation to the gums.

If you want to know more about lingual braces and if you are suited for this type of braces, you may book an appointment with our resident dentists at Cosmetique Dental

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