Clear Invisible Braces

Clear Invisible Braces

Having a beautiful smile is greatly desired by many in this generation. To have a confident smile means to have higher self-esteem as well.

It is a good thing that people who have dental problems now have several options for their treatment.

Advancements in orthodontics created a way for a more convenient solution to straighten teeth.

Today, a lot of people, especially the young patients, want to correct their malocclusion in a discreet way.

Fortunately, clear aligners are almost invisible.

invisible braces

One of the key advantages of clear aligners or Invisalign is that they do not consist of metal brackets and wires. This means they are almost invisible.

Since clear invisible braces are transparent and made of flexible materials, they fit snugly over your teeth, making them undetectable. This will allow the patient to wear braces without feeling self-conscious, whether in school, work, or at social gatherings. 

Clear aligners are custom-made for each patient so that they fit to your teeth precisely, ensuring utmost comfort during the whole treatment. They are also removable, meaning you can take them off when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.

This is one of the good advantages of clear aligners. It will allow you to maintain or continue your diet without inhibitions. And since you can remove the Invisalign every meal or during brushing, it makes oral hygiene routines much easier.

With the ease of brushing and flossing, this will prevent irritation and swelling of the gum area and will also reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Invisalign Sydney is made to gradually shift your teeth into desired positions based on treatment. A personalised treatment plan will be created for you which will involve a series of aligners, specifically made to adjust your teeth incrementally.

This gradual movement ensures a more desirable experience for the patient since it is comfortable compared to periodic adjustment of traditional braces.

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