Foods That Secretly Contribute to Bad Breath

What could be more embarrassing than a bad breath that breaks one’s confidence to speak publicly? 

We get treatment for other dental problems, dental implants for missing teeth, braces for misaligned grids, and veneers for yellow teeth, but what about bad breath? Bad breath is often associated with wrong food choices, worsening the root cause like a chronic condition or poor oral hygiene. 

When talking about stinking breath due to inappropriate food consumption, garlic & onions are considered the top culprits. However, most of us have no idea about several other daily consumed food items and drinks secretly taking your mouth’s freshness away. By knowing exactly what makes our breath odorous, we can improve our oral condition and regain our confidence. So, let’s find out here the culprits of your bad breath.

Top 6 Edibles and Drinks Stealing Your Breath’s Freshness

Chessy delights

For all the cheese fans, here’s the bad news- Your favorite cheese bites are making it tough for you to breathe fresh. Being a dairy product, cheese is rich in amino acids that, when reacted with mouth bacteria, result in sulfur compounds. With excessive hydrogen sulfide, your breath can smell as bad as rotten eggs.


We all use spices in our food daily to make it more tasty, but behind its deliciousness, there is a hidden vulnerability to bad breath. The strong fragrance of spices is one of the underlying reasons; the other one is spiced’ association with heartburn which causes gastric reflux. In this condition, the acid irritates the stomach and travels back to the pipe connected to the mouth, leaving your oral condition odorous.  

Citric Foods

Love the tanginess of the yummy oranges, lemons, and grapes? Though the taste is great, the after-effects of smelly breath are not. 

Citric foods are rich in acidic content, which favors the bacteria to grow effortlessly in your mouth and make your breath stink. Moreover, if after every citric consumption, flossing or brushing is not practiced, the risk of dental issues like yellowing of teeth, enamel erosion, and sensitivity are evident. Apart from everyday embarrassment, it will also raise the need for expensive treatments like porcelain veneer.

Protein Intake

People, usually fitness freaks, prefer foods and drinks containing high amounts of proteins. Though this type of consumption works to make you physically fit, your oral condition is not being favored. Your breath gets affected due to the production of ammonia when the body breaks down the protein during digestion. The odor escapes the body through the mouth, making your breath smell terrible. 


People usually prefer having coffee in the morning after brushing their teeth, but they are unaware that it’s ruining their oral hygiene. Coffee has a drying impact on the mouth, lowering the amounts of saliva. When saliva’s quantity decreases, the bacteria are at an advantage to grow freely without any disruption. Consequently, the mouth starts stinking for the day.

Peanut Butter

Surprisingly your yummy peanut butter spread on the breads is also among those undercover breathe-degrading elements. The credit goes to its sticky texture and paste-like consistency. The saliva takes extra time to break this kind of texture, and thus it remains in the mouth for hours, gradually snatching your breath’s freshness. Additionally, the protein in the peanut butter lets the bacteria grow further.

Oral Hygiene Habits That Reduce Impacts

  • Eat a chew gum or a sugar candy after consuming the citric foods.
  • To avoid the negative impacts of high-protein foods, you can consume zinc-rich foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, and others after protein intake.
  • Consider drinking water after consuming dairy or other food items. It would work wonderfully to clean the residue in the mouth and ensure a fresh breath.
  • Floss after consuming sticky or crunchy foods like peanut butter.  
  • Brushing twice a day and flossing once keeps good oral hygiene and ensures that your breath remains fresh.

Wrapping Up

Now, you know which foods are responsible for embarrassing you with bad breath. However, you do not have to cut down on these foods and drinks from your diet to improve your oral condition. All you need is to adopt hygiene habits that will lower their impact.

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