Foods & Drinks To Avoid When You Have Temporary Veneers

If your natural teeth have experienced discoloration, gaps, chips, an undesirable shape, or wear, it becomes necessary to get veneers. When obtaining permanent porcelain veneers for teeth, irrespective of the chosen material and variant, you will have to undergo a procedure that includes the elimination of your original tooth enamel. Following this enamel removal, interim crowns will be affixed to your teeth using temporary cement. These are known as temporary veneers and are made using acryl.

The duration during which you might wear these temporary veneers can vary, lasting anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, contingent on the specific dental laboratory and your dentist. This timeframe signifies a period during which you’ll be relying on these temporary veneers. They are not bound to your enamel and are always at risk of falling or breaking. Thus, it is crucial to be aware of the foods and drinks you need to avoid during this period to protect your veneers from getting damaged. This blog details why you need to be careful with your food and beverage choices while having temporary veneers on, along with a list of eating items to avoid.

Why is it important to be cautious about the choice of food and drinks while having temporary veneers on?

Temporary veneers need to be kept intact until your permanent veneer set is made. They are susceptible to damage owing to the use of temporary cement and acryl used in making temporary veneers. Hence it is of utmost priority to be careful with what you eat or drink while having these on. Here are a few things you need to be careful with while having your temporary veneer teeth on:

1. Temporary Cement is not as strong as it seems: 

Temporary veneers are affixed with temporary cement, known as Limestone Calcined Clay Cement, that facilitates their easy removal when transitioning to permanent veneers. This cement cannot stand high pressure. Hence it is necessary to avoid any hard-to-chew or tear edible while having veneer teeth on as they might break. 

2. Abrasive Textured food:

Consuming foods with a coarse or abrasive texture, such as hard nuts or seeds, can cause friction against the veneer’s surface, leading to scratches or wear.

3. Temporary veneers get stained easily:

Foods and drinks with strong pigments, like coffee, tea, red wine, and certain spices, can gradually stain the acrylic material of temporary veneers, impacting their appearance.

4. Acidic Content: 

Acidic foods and beverages, such as citrus fruits and carbonated drinks, can erode the composite material over time.

5. Strong biting force: 

Biting into hard or chewy items like ice, candy, or tough meats can exert excessive pressure on the temporary veneers, potentially causing chips, cracks, or detachment.

Damaged temporary veneers might lead to delays in the overall treatment process, extending the time needed to achieve your desired smile.

Food items to avoid while having temporary veneers on

When you have temporary veneers, it’s advisable to steer clear of certain food items to prevent damage or staining. Here are the types of foods to avoid:

1. Hard and Crunchy Foods: 

Foods that are hard to bite, chew, and tear, like nuts, hard candies, raw fruits, popcorn kernels, etc., can put excessive pressure on your temporary veneers, leading to chips or cracks.

2. Sticky and Chewy Treats: 

Sticky candies, chewing gum, and chocolates can adhere to your veneers, increasing the risk of displacement or damage when trying to remove them.

3. Acidic Fruits: 

Consuming a diet rich in acid content can weaken and corrode the bonding substance connecting your natural tooth and the dental veneer. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, & lemons can erode the veneer material over time.

4. Dark-Colored Foods and smoking: 

Items like coffee, tea, red wine, and dark-colored sauces can gradually stain the surface of your temporary veneers, affecting their appearance. If you are a habitual smoker, you need to stop it post getting temporary veneers. Due to smoking, the color of veneers tends to turn yellowish permanently.

5. Tough Meats: 

Meats that require significant force to chew, such as steak, can strain the veneers and cause them to weaken or crack.

6. Crusty Bread: 

Hard, crusty bread can exert pressure on your veneers while biting, increasing the risk of damage.

7. Ice: 

If you are in the habit of eating ice cubes, you must stop doing that. Ice cubes are tough to break, and your veneers can fall off or break in the attempt.

8. Extremely Hot or Cold Foods: 

Rapid temperature changes, like consuming extremely hot soup followed by icy water, can cause the veneers to expand and contract, potentially leading to fractures.

9. Crunchy Vegetables: 

Vegetables with a hard texture, like raw carrots or celery, should be consumed cautiously to avoid damaging your temporary veneers. Boil the vegetables or cook them to soften the texture. Avoid salads and raw vegetables of any kind.

Beverages to avoid while having temporary veneers on

While some veneers for teeth are stain-resistant, others are not. it’s important to note that the cement used to secure the veneer can undergo slight shade changes over time. Consequently, this could lead to a darker or yellowish appearance along the edges of your teeth near the gum line. Individuals should refrain from consuming beverages that cause staining and corrosion to prevent veneer discoloration. Here is a list of drinks you should avoid:

Drinks that can stain your veneers owing to dark pigments:

Coffee and Tea

Red Wine

Dark-coloured juices, like grape and berry juices

Fruit Teas

Quinine-rich drinks like tonic water and carbonated drinks

Drinks that have high acidity can corrode your veneers:

Cola and Soda

Citrus Juices

Alcoholic Beverages have a dehydrating corrosive effect

Sports Drinks

To protect that perfect sparkling smile, it is vital to understand the importance of temporary veneer care. Now you are updated with the can and cannot’s of what you should eat or drink. Remember, every sip and every bite brings you one step closer to the smile you’ve always dreamed of – a smile that will radiate confidence and light up every room you enter. You can get the best veneers for teeth at Cosmetique Dental. Call (02) 8090 1101 for consultation and know the veneers cost in Sydney.

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