Food To Eat & Avoid After Tooth Extraction

Imagine this: You’ve just had a tooth extraction, and your mouth is feeling a bit like a construction site. It’s tender, it’s sore, and you’re wondering what on earth you can eat without causing a food catastrophe in your mouth. Well, fear not! We’re here to guide you through the post-tooth extraction dining. This phase can be hard, and here are the dos and don’ts of eating.

Why is your diet so important after getting a tooth pulled? 

Well, it can greatly affect how smoothly your healing process goes. When you have a tooth removal, your mouth immediately starts trying to heal itself. Your dentist will put cotton in the spot where your tooth used to be. This gauze helps stop bleeding by forming a blood clot. 

Now, here’s where your diet comes into play. Some foods can mess with that blood clot, making it hard for your mouth to heal properly. This can slow down your recovery and even lead to a painful condition called “dry socket”. So, avoiding these troublesome foods after a tooth extraction is your best bet for a speedy and smooth recovery.

Foods to Eat the First Day After a Tooth Extraction

The best idea is to stick to soft and liquid foods during the first 24 hours. You can have things like 






smooth ice cream (without any crunchy stuff in it) 


Just be careful not to swish these liquids around in your mouth because that could knock off any clots trying to form. 

Foods to Eat After 24 Hours of Tooth Extraction

Following your dental treatment, it’s essential to maintain a nutritious diet to aid in healing, reduce discomfort, and promote overall well-being. Initially, your diet should strike a balance between liquids and soft foods.

Liquid Diet

During the first two days, when your mouth may be tender and swollen, you might find it challenging even to eat soft foods. It’s best to stick to a purely liquid diet in such cases. This liquid diet can include:



Caffeine-free beverages

Warm (not hot) pureed soups



Soft Diet:

As your mouth begins to heal, you can transition to a soft diet. This consists of foods that have been softened for easy chewing and swallowing. A soft food diet may include:

Soups with soft vegetables 

Soft grains



Well-cooked pasta

Sliced ripe bananas


Baked apples without the skin

Baked or boiled sweet potatoes or yams


Cooked carrot slices

Mashed potatoes

High Protein Foods:

Including high-protein foods in your diet is crucial for balancing your nutrition and speeding up the healing process. High-protein foods include:

Protein powder


Cottage cheese


Lean meats and fish

Scrambled eggs

Healthy Fats:

To further support wound healing, consider adding healthy fats to your diet. Some healthy fats to include are:


Olive oil

Coconut oil

Coconut butter

Flax oil

Foods To Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

Here are some food items to need to steer clear of eating post-tooth extraction:

Avoid Tough Fruits and Veggies:

Stay away from super hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples, broccoli, and carrots, especially in the days following your dental treatment. Chomping on these requires a lot of pressure, which can really annoy your sensitive and swollen gums.

Skip the Straw:

It’s crucial to avoid using a straw right after a tooth extraction. Sucking through a straw can create extra pressure and dislodge the newly formed blood clot, which can slow down your recovery.

Steer Clear of Spicy Stuff:

Spicy foods can make your mouth burn even when everything’s normal, so imagine what they can do to an already sensitive mouth post-tooth extraction.

Hold Off on Chewy Foods:

After a tooth removal, your jaw can be swollen and tender. Chewy treats like candies, steak, or jerky demand a lot of jaw action. It’s better to give your jaw a few days to heal and rest before putting it through a workout.

Watch Out for Acidic Foods:

Just like lemon juice stings a paper cut, highly acidic foods will make your extraction site burn. Besides being uncomfortable, these foods can also irritate your mouth’s surfaces, which slows down the overall healing process.

Choose soft, gentle foods post-tooth extraction to aid healing. Avoid irritants, and let your mouth recover for a smoother, pain-free journey. Remember, your diet plays a vital role in the recovery process. By making wise food choices, you’ll be back to enjoying your favorite meals in no time! In case of any complication, search for “dental near me” and reach out for help. For the best smile makeovers, dental procedures, and advice, contact Cosmetique Dental today.

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