Chipped Tooth: Causes and Treatment

Chipped Tooth Causes and Treatment

Chipped Tooth: Causes and Treatment Chipped teeth can strike unexpectedly, leading to both immediate pain and long-term aesthetic concerns. At Cosmetique Dental, we understand the importance of addressing chipped teeth as a dental emergency which requires prompt treatment. Causes of Chipped Teeth Accidental Trauma: Sudden impacts or injuries to the mouth can result in chipped […]

How To Protect Your Teeth During Winters

How To Protect Your Teeth During Winters

When the weather starts turning colder, most of us bother about our skin care, body, and clothing essentials, while keeping our oral health away from this list. Dental care is mostly avoided as many are unaware that it can suffer significantly during this seasonal change. This negligence is the reason why problems such as severe […]

Root Canal Treatment Guide

root canal treatment guide

Root Canal Treatment Guide A root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure that rescues severely damaged or infected teeth. It involves the removal of the tooth’s inner pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels. By cleansing, disinfecting, and sealing the tooth, we can alleviate discomfort and avoid the necessity of tooth extraction. […]

Tooth Filling

tooth filling Sydney

Tooth Filling Teeth that have been damaged by trauma or decay need to be restored as soon as you can to prevent further breakdown of the tooth structure. Once your teeth have been infected by dental caries, tooth filling must be done to stop bacteria from causing further disease. Tooth filling Sydney aims to restore […]

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

how much does a root canal cost

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost? Root canal treatment cost Sydney varies greatly on the extent of infection, complexity of the procedure, location of the dentist, and the number of canals present per tooth. Root canal treatment is a common procedure that aims to save an infected tooth. It is the recommended treatment for […]

What Is Root Canal?

what is root canal

What Is Root Canal? There are two portions of a tooth: the upper part which is found above the gum line – the crown of the tooth, and the lower part which is below the gum line – the root area of a tooth. The crown area is the visible portion of a tooth, while […]