Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that erupt in your oral cavity. They are located at the back portion of your mouth and provide supplemental functions to the second molars.

Most people have 4 wisdom teeth; with one being located on each corner. They actively erupt at 18-21 years, and by this time, all your other 28 teeth have erupted so wisdom teeth don’t have enough space for them to grow normally. Between 9 to 20 percent of individuals have one or more missing third molars, making them the most frequently absent permanent teeth.

Wisdom tooth removal has been a topic of argument for many years in Dentistry. Dentists usually recommend removal of these third molars especially when they cause health problems that may alter one’s quality of life. 

There are several reasons why wisdom tooth extraction must be done.

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  • Wisdom teeth can cause pain, infection, or swelling within the area.
  • Active eruption of wisdom tooth can cause movement of its adjacent tooth. This may lead to crowding, especially if there is no adequate space for it to erupt.
  • There may be development of cysts and tumors around the wisdom teeth.
  • Due to its position, some may find it difficult to clean them thoroughly, thus causing decay or gum disease.
  • Some orthodontists require removal of wisdom teeth.


Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is diagnosed during general checkup and clean. Its angulation, location, and eruption are monitored closely during your dental visits.

If it’s causing you pain, this may be a good sign that wisdom teeth are causing problems on your oral health. If this happens, you can book a dental appointment for wisdom teeth checkup and diagnosis.

A dental radiograph will be a good diagnostic tool to assess if wisdom teeth removal is indicated. Our dentists may perform wisdom teeth removal near me once we have diagnosed your condition thoroughly.

Depending on the wisdom tooth’s position and the patient’s willingness to undergo the procedure, we can provide a referral letter to visit an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon for management of more complicated extraction. To have a close estimated cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, you can consult with our dentist. 

The process of wisdom tooth extraction involves the following steps:

1. Anaesthesia:

The dentist or surgeon will administer local anaesthesia. In cases where a patient prefers unconscious sedation, general anaesthesia will be administered by an anaesthesiologist.

2. Wisdom tooth removal:

For impacted wisdom teeth, or those third molars that are located under the gums, the surgeon will make an incision to expose the tooth and the surrounding bone. Depending on the tooth’s position, sectioning of the third molar may also be needed for easier retrieval.

3. Suturing:

After the tooth’s removal, the surgeon will clean the extraction site and may place stitches to close the incision made, and to hasten wound closure.

4. Recovery:

Post-operative instructions will be given on how to properly manage the pain, swelling and bleeding. Medications will be prescribed also at this point.

Our Cosmetique Dental team is well-experienced in handling wisdom teeth extraction. We are a team that will provide safety and comfort during your wisdom teeth removal process.

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