Dr John Choi

Dr John Choi

Dr John Choi

Dr John chose dentistry as a career as it allowed him to meet a diverse range of people from all walks of life. He loves listening to and understanding unique journeys and life stories of his patients and bonding with them through providing exceptional dentistry and experiences. Before his dental career, Dr John trained as a pharmacist in Melbourne and worked at a bust location in Melbourne Central for five years. This experience gifted him a deep understanding of general health and taking co-existing medical conditions into account when treating his patients in a dental setting.

Dr John believes that prevention is the key to long-term optimal dental health. He always informs his patients that the correct brushing technique and frequency can prevent most dental diseases and issues. Dr John has carried this message from his Undergraduate training to the current day. He spends time explaining the current health of his patient’s teeth through a thorough examination and dental x-rays.

He understands that dental health is achieved with the understanding and motivation to care for your dental health daily, not just focusing on an issue when it arises. One of Dr John’s main focuses is bringing confidence to his patients. He does this by informing them of their viable treatment options with any dental goals or concerns they have.

He understands most patients have some form of dental fear or anxiety, delaying the need to complete necessary dental treatment. Dr John has a gentle, kind and empathetic demeanour and constantly receives feedback about his kind and friendly nature. He ensures that every patient attends and leaves his practice comfortably with a fantastic result.

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